Build an iOS App with a revenue 1,338$ / mo

A full tutorial will walk with you step by step [Part 2]

Dependency Injection

let appDIContainer = AppDIContainer()
UML App diagram

Splash Screen

Splash Screen
protocol SplashViewControllersFactory {func makeDashboardViewController() -> UIViewControllerfunc makeInAppPurchaseViewController(dismissable: Bool, delegate: PurchaseDelegate) -> UIViewController}

Scene Dependency Injection

final class VPNSceneDIContainer {
func makeNetworkVPNManagerRepository() -> DVPNRepository {
return DefaultVPNRepository(vpnManager: DefaultVPNManager())
func makeNetworkVPNUseCase() -> NetworkVPNUseCase { return DefaultNetworkVPNUseCase(vpnManager: makeNetworkVPNManagerRepository()) } func makeDashboardViewModel() -> DashboardViewModel { return DefaultDashboardViewModel(networkVPNUseCase: makeNetworkVPNUseCase())
extension VPNSceneDIContainer: SplashViewControllersFactory {/* Splash View */
func makeSplashViewController() -> UIViewController {
return SplashViewController.create(splashViewControllersFactory: self)
/* Dashboard View */func makeDashboardViewController() -> UIViewController { return DashboardViewController.create(viewModel: makeDashboardViewModel(), dashboardFactory: self)}func makeInAppPurchaseViewController(dismissable: Bool, delegate: PurchaseDelegate) -> UIViewController {
reutrn UIViewController()
class SplashViewController: UIViewController, StoryboardInstantiable {
final class func create(splashViewControllersFactory: SplashViewControllersFactory) -> SplashViewController {
let view = SplashViewController.instantiateViewController()
view.splashViewControllersFactory = splashViewControllersFactory return view
func makeVPNSceneDIContainer() -> VPNSceneDIContainer {
let dependencies = VPNSceneDIContainer.Dependencies()
return VPNSceneDIContainer(dependencies: dependencies)

Root View Controller

var window: UIWindow?window = UIWindow(frame: UIScreen.main.bounds)let vpnLauncherViewController = appDIContainer.makeVPNSceneDIContainer().makeSplashViewController()window?.rootViewController = vpnLauncherViewControllerwindow?.makeKeyAndVisible()

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